Thank you for your interest in becoming a Power Hungry Performance Authorized Dealer.  PHP offers generous margins on Hydra Chips, FICM Programming and Custom Tuning as well as technical and sales support with no annual license fee.


In order to qualify for dealer pricing, the following criteria must be met:

 - You must have an established performance related facility or online store.

 - You must submit a copy of your Business License and Certificate of Resale

 - $2500 buy-in and minimum $1500/mo in purchases to receive dealer pricing on Hydra Chips.

 - You must adhere to the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy on all products.

As a qualified Dealer, Power Hungry Performance will provide:

 - Placement on our Dealer map.

 - Special Dealer pricing.

 - Direct technical and sales support.

Qualified organizations that wish to resell our products but are not able to meet the buy-in or monthly minimum order quantity will receive standard “Jobber” pricing on products.  You must still meet the rest of the Dealer criteria listed above.

Dealers are NOT required to carry our full product line.  Dealers may select what products/services pertain to their business. 

Not all products/services are eligible for Dealer Pricing.

There is a “Drop-ship” fee of $20 and should only be utilized in an emergency. 

Dealers are required to handle ALL initial support for their customers.  In the event of an issue that is beyond the technical capabilities of the Dealer, Power Hungry Performance will provide escalated support to the Dealer and/or the Dealer’s customer.

Power Hungry Performance will provide warranty support directly to the Dealer.  All customer warranty issues will be handled directly by the Dealer.

Power Hungry Performance will, as much as possible, avoid accepting multiple Dealers within the same geographic location and attempt to maintain at least a 200 mile distance between Dealers.  In some of the larger metropolitan areas, this restriction may not apply.

Dealers that fail to meet the minimum order requirements for a period of 90 days will be removed from the Dealer page and will revert back to “Jobber” pricing.  In order to return to “Dealer” pricing, the Dealer must “Buy-In” again and maintain the minimum monthly order requirements.

In order to maintain product value, all Dealers MUST adhere to the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy.  Any Dealer who fails to maintain MAP pricing will be immediately and permanently removed from the Delaer page and will no longer be able to purchase products at either “Dealer” or “Jobber” pricing.

Power Hungry Performance reserves the right to refuse, at its discretion, product sales or “Dealer” status to any individual or organization for any reason.


If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please fill in our


and we will contact you ASAP with more information.