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Introducing Power Hungry Performance’s new custom coal-rolling calibration,


The masses have spoken.  The demand for a “smoke tune” is real.  Who are we to question the responsibility of the tuner?  You’ve asked, we’ve answered.

You need the ability to “roll coal” at a whim.  What respectable diesel owner would even consider a “clean” tune?   Everyone knows that the best, most badass trucks spew clouds of murky, musky, sensual smog in their wake.  You need this ability to be taken seriously within the diesel brotherhood.  

Don't let the Prius drivers of the world go about their day with a sanctimonious nose in the air.  Use that badass, super-lifted sex machine to let them know how they rank in this world.  Rollin' coal is the only legitimate way a diesel connoisseur, such as yourself, can communicate with the tree-huggers surrounding us.

The colossal charcoal cloud cascading from your exhaust (the one in which a bear could hide) will make women swoon, children run in fear, waters part, earth shake, and grown men cry.  You will be the envy of every truck driver left in your smothering wake.

** This is 100% a joke. We do not and will not support "rolling coal". **