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Minotaur™ Pro Edition


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Minotaur™ PROFESSIONAL Edition for only $2995

Minotaur™ Professional allows you to tune the 7.3L Ford Power Stroke Diesel using the same 3D graphical tuning software that hundreds of tuning professionals use.

The Minotaur™ Professional tuning package comes with everything you need to start tuning 7.3L trucks.  Your purchase includes:

  • Minotaur™ Software (1 license)
  • All Definition Files for the following strategy families:  FA20R, FA30T, TNAA4, TNAA5, TNAA7, TNAAL, TOAA4, TOAA5, TOAA7, VCAB0, VDAB0, VEAB20, VFAA1, VGAE9, VHAE9, VHAF5, VHAF7, VHAFL, VIAE9, VIAF3, VJAE3, VJAE7, VKAE3, VMAA8, VNAAA, VNAB1, VNAB5, VNAB6, VNABL, VOAA7, VOAA8, VOAB1, VOAB5, VQAA6, VQAA9, VRAA6, VRAA7, VRAAL, and VSAA4
  • 40 Tow, 80 Daily Driver, and 100 Performance calibrations for all Super Duty Trucks.
  • 25 Tow, 40 Tow, 65 Daily Driver calibrations for all OBS Trucks.
  • 1 Hydra Chip with Extension Bracket (Additional blank chips available)
  • 1 Moates Quarterhorse Memory Emulator for Live Tuning

You're welcome to download the software for free and receive a limited function demo license so you can try it out for yourself.  Simply enter the name DEMO USER when asked and you'll be up and running in no time.  

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Minotaur Online User's Guide

Pro Users: Click here for the latest 256K Definitions
(Compatible with the Moates Quarterhorse Emulator)